Skiing in Japan this winter is on!

After two ski seasons locked out of Japan, border restrictions are lifting for tourists. Looks like Winter 22-23 in Japan IS ON!

Up until 10 June, Japan had closed its borders for more than two years. From June, tourists have been able to visit Japan from 98 countries if triple vaccinated and only if arriving as part of a tour group. No independent travel has been permitted.

But from 7 September, individual travellers will be able to enter the country. It’s the last major ski nation with such strict travel restrictions in place. South America eased entry rules for skiers prior to its 2022 ski season.

It’s expected that Japan will waive pre-departure PCR tests for vaccinated travellers, along with the need to travel with an approved tour group. However, a cap on the number of people that can enter each day is to remain in place.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that no decision had been made on raising a cap on inbound travellers after local media reported the quota could be lifted from 20,000 to 50,000 people each day.

“We will continue relaxing these measures gradually,” the Japanese leader has said. “We hope to announce something soon based on the quarantine setup and the situation with infections.”

Despite the return of tourists to Japan in June, the strict entry requirements have meant the number of those visiting for tourism is at a fraction of pre-pandemic figures.

In the name of winter stoke, here’s some reading to get you going for skiing Japan 2023: