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Born in 1990, just when skiers started thinking about freeriding, touring and freestyle. Since that seminal point in time, we’ve (fresh) tracked the changes in gear, techniques, locations through the people who have pushed skiing to the heights it is now. As the voice of ski inspiration for three decades, Fall Line has delivered the best stories, gear reviews and information to get skiers skiing since before skis stopped being straight.

About Fall Line

Started by a bunch of ex-pat Brits in Chamonix in 1991, Fall Line Magazine has, and always will be, committed to showcasing the utter brilliance of skiing.

Written by the passionate and read by the dedicated, we have been creating high quality content to feed the ski-obsessed soul since snowblades were the bomb-diggity.

Formulaic editorial designed only to collect numbers just isn’t for us. Everyone who reads our mag finishes it and can’t wait to hit the mountain.

Our writers are a mix of the best skiers on the globe and the best writers about skiing.

The latter would be the first to admit they’re not dropping cliffs any day soon, but they know mountains as well as anyone and can find secret runs full of fresh powder, incredible accommodation and are constantly testing the gear that will make your skiing even better.

Fall Line is funny, irreverent, knowledgeable, tuned-in and industry-leading. People like the way it’s written and they like the take we have on skiing. Our website holds far more information in one place, but it doesn’t give anything like the rounded feel of being on the slopes that Fall Line the magazine does. We love making it, we take the responsibility of the printed word seriously and we know that there’s nothing as inspiring as reading a great mag.

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The Line Sick Day 104 skis can throw a mean powder turn!

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Bucket list ski trips in search of the deepest snow on the planet

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The latest and greatest ski gear tested by experts

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The Team

Nicola Iseard
Publisher, Editor

Al Morgan
Gear Editor

Jonny Richards
Editor at Large

Martin Chester
Backcountry Editor

Nic Lang
Art Editor

Katie Bamber
Digital Editor

Rich Evans

Amy Marwick
Gear Tester

Christie Lord
Office Manager