Myrkdalen: Norway’s snow-covered, sidecountry secret

The exchange rate might be daunting, but the five-metre snowfalls and

Watch: skiing Lapland under the midnight sun

Reine Barkered, Sam Smoothy, Callum Pettit and co explore the delights

Northern Heights: Summit to sea skiing on Norway’s Lofoten islands

Travelling around Norway, seeing people board the public transport system

Five of the best spring touring spots

Skins, crampons and breathable long johns at the ready! Chamonix mountain

Battle of the ski resorts: Stranda

How does Norway’s only entry, Stranda, measure up in our Battle

Seven reasons to add Hemsedal to your must-ski list

Jonny Richards with proof that Norway’s Hemsedal resort is well worth a visit 1.
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