A Storm’s a Comin’ to the Alps

It’s a sweet forecast for the Alps with snow to fall all week long, and a potential metre to come down by Friday. It’s coming to two sides of the Alps, the northwest and southeast.

The Arlberg has had a good week and it seems as though this Austrian region will have the best weekend of the lot for snowfall. While the weekend has started a little warm, with a high snowline, a cold front will push in Sunday and stormy days are coming from Monday. France and Western Switzerland are looking at a solid 20 centimetres of snow, and even the eastern and southern Alps will see some powder. Slovenia, in particular, is looking at a potential “snowbomb” (yes, that’s a thing) which could bring over half a metre of snow in some areas.

Things are looking up for Alpine ski areas after a warm, wet start to the year for many mountain ranges through Europe (save Scandinavia which has been busy smashing its own snow records).

The downside? It’s going to be windy up there, so make sure to check the avalanche bulletins and be extra cautious. But all in all, it looks like the Alps are about to be transformed.

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a forecast map showing snowfall over Alps
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