The High Life | Patagonia Film Documents Life in Chamonix Refuge

Patagonia’s latest film documents family life in a 119-year-old alpine refuge

a remote alpine outpost over 100 years old is pictured with spire like peaks behind it.

Escape for 15 minutes into The High Life, a story of a family living in Chamonix’s oldest mountain hut

After 119 years in its original state, Le Refuge de la Charpoua – Chamonix’s oldest and smallest outpost – will be rebuilt this summer. The hut keeper of eight years, Sarah Cartier, with her partner Noé and two children embrace the high life and all its history in the mountains near Chamonix, France.

The timeworn little building is surrounded by towering granite walls and alpine light providing them with a mystical setting for their work in a mountain refuge; a place to breathe in the freedom of the high life while the sights and sounds of the busy world below fall away.

A Patagonia film
Director Pierre Cadot
Production Yucca Films
Original Music Jonathan Labigne and Yann Chapelet – Zikali
Additional Music Alton Ellis – True Born African

The Charpoua refuge is located at an altitude of 2,841m on a rocky spur on the left side of the Glacier de la Charpoua, overhanging the Mer de Glace.

It’s something of a mission getting to this tiny outpost high above Chamonix, but gives lodging to climbers accessing the peaks that surround the Charpoua basin – Drus, Aiguille Verte, Le Cardinal, L’Eveque and La Nonne.

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