Winter’s Back in the Alps

After a warm, wet start to 2023, the temperature has dropped and snow is falling in the Alps.

The past fortnight has seen rain and warm temperatures take a toll on the snow, so there’s not yet a solid base, but the Alps are becoming the snowy January mountains we expect.

The snow stared early on Sunday 8 January 2023 down in the southern Alps with the weather pushing in from the southwest throughout the day. The most snow has fallen on the southern Dolomites, and further east in the Julian Alps.

The snow has made its way to the northern French Alps, to the Portes du Soleil for example, where it’s most needed and into Monday an expected 20 centimetres will fall.

Here’s a look at the snow coverage at Les Gets over four days, documented by airbnb account @365_daysofpleney

Throughout Monday the temperature and the snowline is set to drop (to below 1,000m) in the French Northern Alps and the winter weather pushes west into central Switzerland, where up to 40cm is expected.

Higher up in the region, it’s a white world. Check out Refuge de Loriaz above 2,000m in Chamonix, first thing on Monday:

Mid week, the temperature is forecast to yoyo, but there’s no need to panic as more snow is expected in the latter half of the week.

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