Meet the Fall Line Ski Testers

Meet the Fall Line ski testing crew that does the tough job of heading out to the mountains each year to spend a week on next season’s skis to bring you the mega Fall Line Gear Guide.

Introducing the motley mountain squad…

Dickie Fincher, Fall Line publisher

Veteran of 19 ski tests, Dickie celebrated a triumphant return to the mountains with a swanky new headband that picked up the award for the most obscure, grin-inducing product at the Test, just pipping the Black Crows Mirus Cor to the post in the process…

Height/weight 183cm/104kg

Ski style Joyful

Best ski on test Black Crows Mirus Cor – “Liveliness on a swallowtail stick. But I’m the publisher and claim rights to a second: the Dynastar M-Pro 99 – skis every style like a boss.”

Lee Hardy, Fall Line contributor

Lee spent most of the 2022 Ski Test believing that by simply skiing the Elan Ripstick Tour 104 Glen Plake edition he would be transformed into his hero, until he remembered that we live in ‘unprecedented times’ and as it turns out, everything that you’ve ever believed to be true, is in fact total b**locks.

Height/weight 176cm (maybe even 177cm)/82kg

Ski style Snake hips meets race piste.

Best ski on test Scott Pure Mission 98Ti – “A powerful titanal layup combined with a light paulownia core and versatile 98mm waist all adds up to max freeride fun, all-mountain antics and piste playing.”

Nicola Iseard, Fall Line editor

Mother-of-two Nicola likes long walks on the beach and… Who are we kidding?! Based in the Portes du Soleil she can be found lapping her local hill on race skis with her groms on one day, and finding freshies in the Morgins trees with husband Chrigl the next. During Covid she branched into touring and now loves going uphills too. All-terrain go-getter and the steeper the better. On the downs, that is…

Height/weight 170cm / 54kg

Ski style Steeps, speed and spread eagles.

Best ski on test Scott Superguide95 W – “Makes even the toughest ofascents a joy, yet is extremely skiableand fun downhill.”

Sophie Nicholson, Fall Line gear editor

Having spent the whole of last winter earning her ski touring turns in the remote Scottish hills, Soph was secretly very relieved to give her legs a break, ride some lifts and switch out the haggis for some strudel… tell no-one.

Height/weight 167cm/58kg

Ski style Turn-earner Doesn’t do well indoors.

Best ski on test Faction Agent 2X –“A touring ski that’s happy to ride the resort. Ideal for reacting to conditions and doing a bit of everything on your trip.”

Fall Line gar editor and ski tester Soph Nicholson on touring skis above  fjord like looking body of water

Chrigl Luthy, Fall Line’s driftability expert

Chrigl enjoys the simple things in life like beer, and flying down hills – although preferably not together. He can be seen on short punchy steeps, long tours, either on skis, snowboards or monoskis, racing his kids through mogul fields, or trenching groomers… truly a multi-personality disorder expressed on skis – therapy not required.

Height/weight 188cm/82kg

Ski style “If we carve into that from here then we could probably get some air off it…”

Best ski on test Black Crows Mirus Cor – “It transforms even the most featureless groomers into G-force-loaded carving experiments.”

Amy Marwick, Fall Line contributor

The speediest skier on the mountain, Amy seems to get through her list of test skis faster than anyone else. You’d think this would mean she’d be first inline at the bar to buy her fellow testers some well-earned après refreshments but uh, yeah… Scottish.

Height/weight 155cm/53kg

Ski style All-terrain ripping and big mountaingrinning.

Best ski on test K2 Mindbender 90 C –“Effortless all-round fun on any terrain and holds its nerve in the tough stuff.”

Fall Line ski tester Amy Marwick rips on hard pack
fall line ski tester and backcountry editor martin chester

Martin Chester, Fall Line backcountry editor

Chemo may have stripped IFMA mountain guide Martin of all his storm fat but he’s retained all his CV capacity recently recording a resting heart rate of 42 BPM and a host of PBs on a bike. Kilian Jornet better look the hell out…

Height/weight 178cm/72kg

Ski style Functional, but not pretty (his words, not ours). “That’s why I always try to go where no-one can see me.”

Best ski on test Black Diamond HelioCarbon 95 – “Utterly dependable and buttery smooth all round the mountain.”

Rich Evans, Fall Line ad sales manager

After a big fat zero days skiing in 2021, Rich was determined to make the most of this season, clocking up a monstrous 42 days on snow last winter. That’s almost enough to make anyone consider embarking on a new career in ad sales… almost.

Height/weight 177cm/76kg

Ski style Piste to powder. Happiest when feet are on the ground.

Best ski on test Volkl Deacon 72 – “Short and long turns, cranking or cruising, it’s the perfect holiday ski if you’re going to be mainly on the piste. If it chucks it down then just hire some powder skis!”

Fall Line ski tester Andy Townsend poses with Black Crow fat skis on snow

Andy Townsend, Fall Line contributor

In the worst ever advert for being a Fall Line Tester, IFMGA mountain guide and Head of Snowsportsat Glenmore Lodge Andy joined the crew for the first time this winter, then subsequently under went a full hip replacement a couple of months later. Apparently he didn’t even need the operation but decided to go through with it to see if would help him keep up with Dickie – also of metal hip fame.

Height/weight 178cm/65kg

Ski style Somewhere between old school and new school, never satisfied – always wants another run.

Best ski on test Elan Ripstick Tour 104 Glen Plake – “A great-looking, all-terrain weapon that makes me want to get a mohawk.”