Based in North Wales, GearHooks make a variety of clever sporty storage solutions designed to help you store your kit efficiently and effectively. Nobody wants a cluttered life yet us active folks often end up with rooms and garages swimming in skis, bikes, packs, shoes and a whole load of outdoor-related clutter.

GearHooks raison d’etre is to “Make Space. Save Time. Do More.” so if this resonates with you on any level then you need some of their kit in your life!

If you have more than one pair of skis, storage can be a nightmare. Lean them against the wall and they will inevitably fall over, put them in the loft and you can’t get to them, whack them outside on your balcony and they end up sitting in a pool of melted snow! And let’s not even talk about those rare powder days when you end up missing first lifts cos you’re scrabbling around trying to find your fat freeride fun friends that you’ve cleverly managed to store right at the back of your cupboard. Sigh…

Whether you’re living in a small apartment in the mountains or have a crazy cluttered garage back home, GearHooks have some quite excellent ski storage solutions. I tested the 6 ski rack which hangs on your wall, is super simple to assemble and has also been designed to store poles, helmets, transceivers, backpacks etc. All you need is 1m of wall space and you’re good to go.

The whole system feels really solid and has been very cleverly thought out so it can be adapted and adjusted to stagger bindings . More hooks can be added as your quiver inevitably expands and if you really do have a large collection of skis, then you can buy the larger version that holds up to 16 pairs of skis and 8 snowboards! #Lifegoals


  • Available in different sizes to hold from 1 – 16 pairs of skis
  • Also available for for other sports kit – bikes, golf clubs, climbing gear
  • Made from zinc plated solid steel bar on CNC machines and hand fitted with a soft rubber sleeve, to protect whatever kit is on them.
  • Designed in Wales
  • Manufactured in UK


Great solution at a very affordable price.

6 Ski Rack £54.58 – 12 ski rack £60.19
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