Tried and tested: Falke Skiing Wool Tec Zip-Shirt and Long Tights

Nicola Iseard puts Falke baselayers through our vigorous testing programme

I‘m going to come right out and say it: for me, the quality and fit of my baselayers is important as that of my ski boots. It doesn’t matter how good your outerwear is: get your baselayer choice wrong and you might as well be wearing a bin liner on top. So yes, I take my baselayers seriously. Falke does too, and their Wool Tec Zip-Shirt and Tights are testament to that.

FALKE HW 1516_Advanced Skier_SK Wool Tec Women_Zip Shirt_33100_6912FALKE HW 1516_Advanced Skier_SK Wool Tec Women_Long Tights_33104_6912

The construction is a mix of merino wool (60%), polyamide and elastane. The merino wool provides excellent thermal insulation and – combined with the elastane – incredible comfort: close-fitting, but not tight/constricting, and soft. Really soft. Eight hours of continuous wear and I could have kept them on and worn them as PJs.

As for the polyamide, that is there to transport moisture away from the skin. I found it to be effective; even bootpacking on a muggy late-winter’s day, things never got too clammy. This could also be down to the clever body mapping, using ventilated patches at the areas prone to excessive heat buildup (i.e. under the arms, behind the knees), and extra insulation at areas prone to losing heat (i.e. core). The fabric has natural anti-odour and antibacterial properties, too.

As for the cut, the arm-length (a Falke strong point) is excellent, while preformed elbows and shoulders, and knees on the tights, move with your body – a plus when touring.

RRP: Top £90; tights £75

VERDICT: You get what you pay for: top-quality, incredibly comfortable baselayers. 10/10.