My Mountain: Tignes, France

Pro big mountain skier Arnaud Rougier takes us on a tour of his home resort of Tignes

How many years have you been skiing?

My parents put me on skis when I was two years old and I’ve never stopped since!

Why base yourself in Tignes?

I grew up here. The mountains are like my backyard – every rock knows my first name. Also, there is so much to do all year round. If you like outdoor activities then Tignes is paradise!

Arnaud has been skiing in Tignes since before he can remember| Tero Repro

Tell us about your first skiing experience at Tignes

I was too young to remember…

How many days have you skied in Tignes over the years?

I think I’ve spent more time with ski boots on than normal shoes in Tignes. So the answer would be… a lot!

Tell us about your best ever day skiing at Tignes

I have been travelling a lot over the last 15 years and coming back to my home ski resort always feels special. The diverse terrain and modern infrastructure makes it one of the best ski resorts on earth, so every day feels like the best day! I’m afraid I can’t reveal my secret best spot… come to Tignes and discover the best lines for yourself, there are plenty!

Favourite funny crash story from Tignes

There is a massive wind lip hanging over a cliff that I’ve tried to stomp about 10 times in the last three years. Every attempt has ended with a big tumble that must have looked hilarious from an outsider’s perspective… I’ll keep trying until I get it!

Have you ever been banned/chased by patrol?!

Patrol don’t chase or ban you in France like they do in North America – you can go wherever you want. It’s your courage or stupidity that fixes the limits.

“The diverse terrain makes Tignes one of the best ski resorts on earth” | Pierre Augier

Tell us something we don’t know about Tignes

People might think Tignes is not very nice because of its stupid seventies architecture, but if you can look past that, it is a little haven for outdoor activities. For example, all the lifts are free in the summer for bikers. Also, although it can be a crowded place during the busy season, the community of people living up here all year round is quite small and close-knit. It is a great place to live where Brits and Frogs coexist in perfect harmony!

What is the one thing we shouldn’t miss when skiing Tignes?

Tovière at the top of the Aeroski lift brings you up to the most amazing and playful terrain in and out of bounds.

What’s Tignes’ best dish?

The apple cider fondue from La Ferme in Lavachet. La Ferme is a farm with its own restaurant where everything you eat is homemade.

Is there anywhere we should avoid?

Don’t cross back underneath the gnarly (and avalanche-prone) Tuffs couloirs above the lake or we might find you there when the snow melts…

Arnaud Rougier is sponsored by Faction Skis