Lexi Dupont on why she loves Sun Valley, Idaho

Steeps specialist Lexi Dupont takes us on a tour of her home turf

Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool

How many years have you been skiing?

Twenty five. I started when I was two, and we have pictures of me doing my first race aged three. I had a harness round my waist with my mother holding the straps behind me.

Why base yourself in Sun Valley?

It’s home, my family are here, it’s special… No matter how much I travel I love coming back.

Tell us about your first skiing experience at Sun Valley

My grandfather taught all my ski coaches here, so I was pretty much born into the place. I remember being dropped on Dollar Mountain beginner hill aged five. My first taste of freedom!

How many days have you skied there over the years?

Probably thousands! Every winter day I’ve been home I’ve been out there. Whatever the weather,  I’m always skiing.

Best day ever skiing Sun Valley?

Every Christmas Day. As a family we’re first in the queue. Before the presents are opened, or anything is done, there is skiing. Any other day we run into friends and go our own way. But not on this day. We all ski together, then in the afternoon take a run down the backside of the mountain onto the family porch.

Lexi enjoys a homecoming, Sun Valley style | Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool

Favourite funny crash story from Sun Valley?

Growing up we used to have days in high school (Sun Valley Community) where it snowed a lot, then if the sun came out the principal would call a snow day and the whole school would be on the mountain. On one of these days, my younger sister Madi and I managed to crash into each other. We were both knocked out and woke up being placed into separate ambulances. It was a little worrying for my mother getting the call that we were both in hospital, but it did become a joke pretty soon after.

Have you ever been banned or chased by patrol?

There’s one part of the mountain – Seattle Ridge – where it’s often busy with tourists, so there are lots of slow zones. In high school we’d take our coats off (especially any that showed we were on the race team as we’d get in extra big trouble if patrol knew that) then try and disguise ourselves as best we could with weird or borrowed gear and rip it as fast as possible!

Tell us something we don’t know about Sun Valley

It had the first chairlift in America, and it was modelled on a European ski town. Hemingway brought his family here, died here and said it was his favourite spot.

One thing we shouldn’t miss in resort?

The Bowls. It’s a Sun Valley classic – 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains and lots of steeps. On a powder day I’m in there lapping, either getting strong for the season or just enjoying myself, with a heavenly 1500ft of vertical.

Is there anywhere we should avoid?

There’s no real locals vibe. We appreciate people coming. Just don’t go down the street with your fur coat and fur hat, like you’re in Aspen! We’re not into that. 

Lexi is sponsored by Eddie Bauer, K2 Skis and Smith Optics