Boot Doctor: How to store your ski boots over the summer

Q: Now I’ve finished skiing for the season, is there a correct way to store my ski boots through the summer?

A: Whenever you’re planning to store your ski boots, there are some definite dos and don’ts.

Be sure to re-buckle your boots, specifically around the cuff, so they keep their shape. Before you do up the buckles, ensure the tongue is sitting in place and the plastics overlap correctly to avoid any kinks.

It’s important to dry the liners out before putting the boots into storage, otherwise they may remain damp and deteriorate (and stink). However, beware of hotel/chalet boot dryers, which can get very hot and may melt or damage your custom insoles and liners. Ideally, buy a boot dryer.

Your boots should be stored at room temperature, avoiding extreme heat or cold. If dampness and humidity gets into the liners the materials will break down more quickly. If a boot has also been customised by stretching the plastic, and it’s exposed to high temperatures, the stretches will have a tendency to retract. The plastic has ‘memory’ so it will return to its original shape.

Before putting your ski boots into storage, check the soles for excessive wear. If they become too worn they will be thin for the bindings and this may affect the release settings. Many boots have replaceable toes and heels so you can order replacements, but if your boots just have a solid sole, it may be time for a new pair of boots. It’s a good habit to check the tension on the screws on a regular basis as they can wear loose over time, especially the large cuff/cant screws. If you notice a screw coming loose, use the appropriate allen key/screwdriver to fasten it securely.

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