Introducing the award-winning bespoke skis made in Scotland

A micro-ski company based in the Scottish Highlands is crafting handmade planks that the ski world just can’t get enough of

Handmade skis inspired by the terrain of the Scottish Highlands? Yes please! Lonely Mountain Skis is a micro ski company based in Perthshire and headed up by Jamie Kunka, who spent two and half years prototyping the skis.

 Featuring an eight-layer natural and synthetics laminate, hardwood core and a 7000 PTex base, they’ve been designed with Scottish skiing in mind, light enough to climb up munros, but stable enough for whatever the mountain throws at you on the way down.

The company just bagged an ISPO industry award for its Sneachda (£750) – a backcountry-focussed ski with a light eco-friendly construction for the up and an off-piste friendly 100mm for the down.

Also in the line up is the Crua, a 90mm waisted ski built for riding on and off piste all conditions. Weighing in at 1.36kg (for the 168cm length), it’s a true all mountain touring ski.

The fattest ski in the range is the Ord (£900). With a meaty 123mm waist, it’s built for deep days in the backcountry, offering up oodles of floatation. The triaxial carbon and flax construction means it works well on icy hardpack as well.

We recommend hiring one from The Cabin for a test run before deciding if you want to fork out £750 on a pair….