Women’s ski of the year – runner-up

Useable, smooth and fun, the Fischer Ranger W98 is our women’s ski of the year runner-up

This is one of the widest skis in our line-up and it’s a Women’s winner? What happened to the trends?

The 98mm waist makes the Fischer Ranger ideal for freeride forays| Fischer Sports GmbH

The 98mm waist makes the Fischer Ranger ideal for freeride forays| Fischer Sports GmbH

Stuff ‘em – this is part of a classy, controlled, size-belying ski range which the women testers started on smaller widths and then realised the 98mm model was the winner.

It is so useable, with that butter smoothness coupled with eager spring that Fischer deliver on their great freeride skis.

Read the full review in the Fall-Line Gear Guide, out now.


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