Warm up for winter with five of the best ski movies

Desperate for the season to start? Mike Spitz, founder of skifilmreviews.com, gets your methodone substitute sorted by way of the best shred movies of recent years, plus two new releases

Supervention (2013)

A two-year project that will make you want to head straight to the mountains, Supervention also helps give you a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes while keeping you hooked to see what happens next. It’s a perfect mix of stunning cinematography, music and breathtaking moments: think ridiculous rails and breathtaking big-mountain shots – your palms are guaranteed to be sweating in awe at the end. 

G.N.A.R. (2010)

This low-budget, testosterone-fuelled film – easily one of the greatest of the last decade – is the best tribute to the legacy of Shane McConkey and the game he helped create. It is full of people skiing lines most people could only dream of skiing butt-naked while talking to their mum on the phone. All in the name of G.N.A.R. One of the most refreshingly unique movies ever released and the only ski movie that will have you in tears of laughter throughout.

Way Of Life (2013)

Adam Clark captures Tim Durtschi in flight for Way of Life
Adam Clark captures Tim Durtschi in flight for Way of Life

The fact that Sage Cattabriga-Alosa’s opening segment isn’t the best thing about this movie says it all. If a five-minute Alaska-packed segment doesn’t come trumps, imagine what the rest is like. Absolutely littered with envy-inducing powder lines, it shies away from big-name resorts and has a closer look at small towns, showing a glimpse of non-commercialised ski life, from the Kootenay Rockies to Austria. They end up creating a mini-village complete with a sauna in the wilds of Alaska, where they spend five weeks destroying the surrounding powder.

Pretty Faces (2014)

Funded via KickStarter, Pretty Faces is the first all-female ski film to be entirely crowd-funded. It managed to raise over $110,000, almost twice what it was asking. Due for release this autumn, it’s the brainchild of Lynsey Dyer, who was determined to help female skiing take that extra step up. Past all-female ski movies haven’t quite lived up to the hype but we’re sure with the big budget and all-star female cast, Pretty Faces will deliver what we’ve all been wishing for. 

Days Of My Youth (2014)

Big mountain skier Richard Permin in Days of my Youth
Big mountain skier Richard Permin in Days of my Youth

Aimed at showcasing the lives of skiers everywhere and the joys and struggles they face, this film will certainly deliver jaw-dropping lines. With an entourage of experienced big mountain skiers like Richard Permin (in action above), Cody Townsend, Mark Abma and X-Games Big Air gold medallist Bobby Brown we can expect to see things nobody else has done before. It’s coming this autumn, and the buzz is building.