Vegan hiking boots | Tested by Fall Line

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If you’ve ever pondered the ethical angle of the shoes on your feet or the planet’s well-being, we’ve got a brand you need to know about

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Ethics That Shine Will’s Vegan Shoes is all about ethics. It’s 70% solar-powered, and it’s got a carbon-neutral returns policy that spans a whopping 365 days. Also, when it’s time to retire your shoes, Will’s Vegan Shoes will help you recycle them. Impressive, right?

From Streets to Trails We’ve been fans of Will’s for everyday wear for ages. But how do they fare when the terrain gets tougher? We decided to take their recent technical footwear for a spin…

Step into the Unknown Shopping for outdoor footwear online can be a minefield, especially when the company isn’t a specialist in the technical gear game. So, would these shoes step up when the pavement ends and the trail begins? Let’s find out.

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots

Size UK 9
Colour Black
RRP £130
Reviewer Rich Evans

Style Meets Substance
These waterproof hiking boots have more than just good looks. They sport a Vibram rubber injection sole designed for grip, traction, braking and stability, and they deliver on these promises right out of the gate.

Sizing Scuffle
Now, I’ve got wide, flat feet and initially, these boots felt a bit snug. But no worries, they fitted just fine as soon as I started out on my trek. If you’re in between sizes or prefer thicker socks, think about sizing up.

Tough Upper Game
The uppers are crafted from ‘abrasion and scuff resistant Lyliane 3DMX and Cordura materials’, so they look as good as they perform. So far, they haven’t shown any signs of wear and tear, which is pretty darn impressive considering the number of miles they’ve accompanied me.

Wet ‘n’ Wild
While I haven’t faced the worst of the wet weather yet, the little I’ve tested has this boot living up to its waterproof claims. Thanks to the waterproof seams, a sealed tongue and a special breathable waterproof membrane, these boots can handle the wet stuff. No hesitation here; I’d take ’em out on a rainy day.

Out-of-the-Box Comfort
These boots don’t need a break-in period. They’re comfy right from the get-go, and yes, they live up to their technical claims. Will’s done it again!

WV Sport Walking Trainers

Colour Black
RRP £98

“A lightweight delight,” says Amber Evans, reviewing the WV Sport Walking Trainers.

These are essentially sleek black trainers, robustly made but with a minimalist design, which instantly appealed to me.

When I first put them on they felt a bit shallow, as if there was an excess of padding on the sole, causing a lack of support for my heel. I also noticed a slight up-and-down movement on my heel as I walked but they were put to a good test at Glastonbury. Over three days I logged between 15,000 to 25,000 steps a day with no issues whatsoever. 

The cushioning truly excels, and this was evident even when faced with challenging terrain. The incredible lightweight construction meant my tired legs were grateful not to be burdened by heavy shoes.

These trainers are incredibly versatile. Their design is unobtrusive, making them suitable for various occasions. They offer the protection of outdoor shoes without appearing overly ‘outdoorsy’, making them a valuable addition to your shoe collection.

Will’s Vegan Shoes prove that ethical footwear can indeed be stylish and functional.

Encouraged by my festival experience, I proudly wore them to the Vegan Camp Out, and even in the face of relentless rain, remarkably my feet stayed comfortable and dry.

While some adjustments like longer laces and experimenting with insoles might be necessary for a snugger fit, these trainers are a fantastic lightweight and comfortable choice for various occasions, from city streets to outdoor adventures.

Will’s Vegan Shoes prove that ethical footwear can indeed be stylish and functional.