POW UK’s ‘Send It For Climate’ campaign

Signatures needed! It's time for serious climate action

a letterbox-size image with a person in red, arms raised, standing on a rock stack, as the background, a stamp mark reading 'send it for climate' over-laying the image

The UK government committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050. But we’re off target, by a way…

Sign the POW petition (by way of a virtual postcard) to get the UK back on track.

With the next election just around the corner it’s time to ‘send it’ by signing the postcard (and clicking ‘send’ – see what they’ve done…?) demanding ambitious party manifestos on climate action.

The Climate Change Committee 2023 Progress Report (released earlier this year) showed how things aren’t progressing as they should be at this stage.

And so POW UK has written a letter, which outlines policy commitments needed to get the UK back on the road to net zero. It includes:

  • phasing out fossil fuels
  • a transition to renewables
  • support of the grid and transport services (especially to rural recreational areas)
  • commitment to carbon literacy in government
  • engagement with the outdoor industry and community

Check out POW’s ‘mini manifesto’ in full…

POW UK is calling on the outdoor community to sign the letter (or postcard) to help change the trajectory and fast…

Help to get climate change under control and preserve the places in which we play and the things that we love.