The perfect set-up for a backcountry powder hunter

Martin Chester picks backcountry set-ups for five very different types of tourers. Here’s what to ski if you’re all about the powder

If your skiing is all about the steeper, the harder, the further, the faster, then you need a rig that will keep up with you:

Elina Sirparanta

Ski – Black Crows Atris

Me – I don’t like to go too big on the ski width, even on big days. This ski gives you 108mm underfoot, but feels a lot bigger. Get an Atris in a suitable length, and you will have all the float you need to handle any conditions, but with way more of the fun. This is a playful all-rounder, and not too big to tour for some serious distance to access some serious freshies.

Binding – Dynafit Beast

Beast by name, beast by nature. This is a hefty binding that packs a punch, as well as all the regular touring features you would expect from Dynafit. As Vic reported in our binding survey: “All in all I think the bindings are the mutt’s nuts and now they have gone down in price, I would strongly recommend them. Especially if you want to charge hard and huck cliffs, with cool reggae music playing in the background.”

Boot – Dynafit Vulcan

By choosing a Dynafit boot, we guarantee good compatibility with that binding. Whilst Dynafit might be better known for the lighter end of the spectrum, this boot will seriously deliver the goods, promising maximum freeride performance on any terrain at only 1615g. Loyal devotees reported: “I couldn’t believe how solid they felt. I just felt that I could drive my skis through anything, hard and fast.”