How to find the right set-up for the Haute Route

Martin Chester picks backcountry set-ups for five very different types of skiers. Here’s what to ski if you’re touring the Haute Route

OK, we’re going to make a sketchy assumption here: you probably do a touring trip every year, but spend the rest of the season cruising the off-piste in-resort, pretending that you’re skiing with the family. Right? Well if that is the case, here is a set up for you:

Courtesy of Scott
Courtesy of Scott

Ski – Scott SuperGuide

This ski replaces the much-loved Crus’Air, and comes in two widths – 85mm and 95mm. While both are superb, the ski was originally designed in 95mm and I think (depending on the type of skiing you enjoy) this is the better of the two. Somehow, Scott have taken some of the weight out of the Crus’Air without losing any of the performance. In fact, with their cleverly shaped wood core, and the composite top sheet, you get a ski with pop and kick that is great fun to ski on.

Binding – Fritschi Vipec

This is a great bet for those who are new to pin bindings (read the full review on p78). You get all the ski and weight benefits of a pin binding, combined with the lateral toe release that will keep your knees intact.

Boot – Scott SuperGuide

This is a great touring boot, which will suit those who want a little more comfort and support when they get off-piste. It feels like there is a lot of boot in front of your shin, but this can be a good thing when you are driving hard in the crud. Designed to perfectly complement the SuperGuide ski, as a combo that can’t go wrong!