The Mighty Coe – A Scottish ski, snowboard and backcountry festival


The Mighty Coe – the UK’s first ever mountain-based ski and snowboard festival weekend – will take place at Glencoe Mountain, Scotland, on 26-27 March 2022.

A group of skiers and snowbaords tackling the Flypaper at Glencoe Mountain Resort.

The event will provide a chance for skiers and boarders to try new kit and check out next year’s
equipment. A full activity programme of courses, skills sessions, short tours and social activity is also planned, with added emphasis on the backcountry scene in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK.

“Having watched the explosion of interest in backcountry and UK-based snowsport since Covid arrived,
we wanted to highlight more of what we can do on the UK hills and snow, and help make it more
accessible. You don’t have to be a hardcore mountain expert to enjoy the backcountry, but you do need
some knowledge and the right kit – this weekend will help with that too”
, says Neil Dalgleish of Hillside Outside, the Scottish-based events company who are working with Glencoe Mountain Resort to produce The Mighty Coe.

“There’s never been more need to make the best use of home mountains and home snow…”

Neil dalgleish

Andy Meldrum, who heads the team at Glencoe Mountain said, “Ever since it opened back in 1956,
Glencoe has been famed for its steep, challenging terrain and great lift assisted off-piste opportunities. In recent years the resort has seen a real growth in demand for backcountry training and ski touring
equipment. This led to the introduction six years ago of what at the time was Scotland’s first avalanche
transceiver training park. Creating a festival to bring the best kit, coaches and brands together in a
relaxed environment is something that staff at the resort are very excited about.”

A cloud inversion below the Main Basin at Glencoe Mountain Resort.

The event will run over both days of the weekend and will be hosted at plateau level on the mountain, to give direct access to pistes, lifts and test skin-tracks. The event village will also feature an expo area, food-stands, music and a bar, with off-hill snow-night entertainment in the evening.

“The aim is to combine snow festival vibes with a major demo and expo opportunity, and some hands-on sessions and opportunities to learn, and try things out,” says Neil, who became convinced it was the right time to create the event during lock-down ski touring in Scotland. “Don’t expect the Folie Douce’, he adds, “but it should be a great weekend, Glencoe-style.”

“There’s never been more need to make the best use of home mountains and home snow”, says Neil.
“Even apart from all the problems of travel due to Covid, it’s only too obvious that international travel
has to decrease. Climate Change means we can’t all just keep flying everywhere, so I really hope events
like this can add something genuinely useful to the UK snowsport scene. We want to show what’s possible here, and help people access the fantastic backcountry and on-piste experiences on our doorsteps.”

Full list of brands attending, activity and event programme will be announced in January along with info and ticket info.

For more information on demo, expo or any other aspect of The Mighty Coe, email:

A skier coming down Balleys Gully at Glencoe Mountain Resort.