How to Ski the Scottish Steeps – Trailer

Freeride touring skier skiing the Scottish steeps

We’ve teamed up with some of the best in the ski touring biz to bring you guys an educational video series showcasing the skills required to safely tackle Scotland’s legendary steep gullies. 

The boom in the number of tourers in recent years, combined with the social media-fuelled craze of skiing any line “cos someone skied it last Thursday” means there’s a very definite need to help both educate and inspire people to get skilled up for safe backcountry exploration.

 Topics to be covered in the series include information gathering, snow safety, how to transition from crampons to skis in a gully, how to set up an abseil over cornice, steep ski technique, and more.

Presented by Andy Townsend (IFMGA mountain guide and Head of Snowsports at Glenmore Lodge) and Scottish steep skier Iain Innes, the footage will demonstrate the skills required to tackle steeps and how they are part of a continuous chain of risk management. 

Check out How to Ski the Scottish Steeps – Episode 1 here.

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Filmmakers: Hamish Frost and Brodie Hood

Many thanks to the following for supporting the ‘How to Ski the Scottish Steeps’ project:

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