The Meaningless Pursuit of Snow | Patagonia film

a ski tourer heads uphill on wind affected terrain

The Meaningless Pursuit of Snow follows a cast of far-flung characters, all united by a backcountry culture so deep it spans languages and generations, and all chasing the same essentials: a connection to nature, the joy of the struggle and to find community in the mountains they call home.

Patagonia has released the trailer to its new film that uncovers the lives of skiers and snowboarders finding their place in the snow.

The film includes the story of Aurélien Routens who, together with his partner Agathe Margheriti, purchased a 400-year-old off-grid village above the town of La Grave, France, using salvaged materials to restore the buildings and selling eggs from their 200 chickens to pay the bills—all while riding some of Europe’s most dramatic mountains. 

Watch the trailer here: