Subscriber Competition | Win a pair of APHEX snow goggles

black and silver lens snow goggles

Fall Line has teamed up with APHEX to give away a pair of goggles to one lucky magazine subscriber for every issue of Fall Line published this season.

Congratulations to Jim Glen from London who snagged the first pair. Here we go for round two…

APHEX goggles are as good looking as they are eco-friendly. Thanks to the magnetic lens and interchangeable strap system this is the last pair of goggles you will ever need. You can replace the individual parts – frame, lens and strap – as needed. And then there’s the materials:

Head to the Wipeout Store to check out the full range of frame and lens packs and the funky strap collection. With an RRP of between £119.95 – £139.95 you get an awful lot in an APHEX box:

• Your choice of Frame and Primary Lens Cat.2 or Cat.3
• Your choice of Strap (interchangeable with RSS system)
• One lowlight Yellow Lens Cat. S1
• Padded pouch for the spare lens, microfibre goggle bag and protector
• Magnetic gift box

So enter below by 6 December for a chance to be the second lucky Fall Line subscriber winner!