South Lines: Adria Millan scores the goods in South America!

South America has been hit by storm after storm over the past few weeks and conditions have been all time. Adria Millan shows us just what we’re missing!

Spanish freeride maestro Adria Millan is no stranger to the summer pilgrimage to the Southern Hemisphere. He’s a regular fixture amidst the towering peaks of the Andes, and his new web series SouthLines documents the best of the action. It’s not all easy going: the weather can be brutal and Millan spends a lot of time using good old fashioned foot power to access his lines, but the payout is more than worth the effort.

If this doesn’t get you drooling at the thought of endless winter, nothing will!

Ep. 01 – SOUTH LINES Aymar Navarro & Adria Millan

First episode of ‪‎SouthLines‬. A project about skiing in South America with Aymar Navarro.

Feel like you’re missing out?

You’re not the only one! Pro skier Julian Carr is currently charging powder laps in Portillo and describes the conditions as: “So fun! We were snowed in until 4pm, had an hour to bag a few laps. Coverage looks all-time, and it’s supposed to go blue next two days. STOKED! You should be here getting laps with us!”

#Portillo providing a Top-10 day today. All smiles. Can’t even explain how amazing this place is. PC: @cbezamat @icelantic_skis @spyderactive @snocru @hiballenergy #visitchile #onlyinportillo @outsidetelevision #pushpeaks

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If you just can’t wait for winter and have your fingers poised to go google plane tickets to escape the summer heatwave, there are a few things you should know. South American skiing is a world away from the comfortable and organised resorts in Europe: travel times can be huge, lifts can be shut for extended periods due to wind and avalanche danger, and everything is just a little bit more raw and exciting.

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