Soft boots for hard skiers

Can soft, comfortable snowboard-style ski boots work for expert skiers?

Apex’s snowboard-inspired ski boots have been around for a few years, but they’re now gaining traction in the UK market with Ellis Brigham stocking them for the first time this season.

It’s a two-part boot system, consisting of a soft inner boot (much like snowboard boots) which offers warmth and comfort, and a removable chassis which offers stiffness and precise edge control. For skiers who struggle with traditional ski boots, it has a strong appeal, and the inner boot can even be worn separately so you can stomp around apres bars in relative comfort.

But how do they hold up on the mountain? We asked Steve Wells, equipment buyer from Ellis Brigham: “These are proper ski boots for skiers with decent technique who no longer want the feeling of a plastic boot. They aren’t like the old ‘soft’ boots of a few years ago aimed at novices, the Boa system does an impressive job of comfortably wrapping the foot, whilst the spine is surprisingly stiff.


“The system seems so obvious when you see it, and it’s very easy to understand why they would appeal to certain skiers. They’re not for everyone, but they’re not designed to be. For skiers that want maximum comfort for walking around and a more relaxed stance, with less potential pressure points, then Apex are the answer.” says Steve.

Available from Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports for £520-£650. 

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