Scarpa F1 Evo, Gold Award Winner

ScarpaF1 EVO cWe don’t always look to the super-light racing end of any of our segments for Gear of the Year, but Scarpa have added a beltingly brilliantly simple idea to their new top-end super-light F1 Evo touring/racing boot. 

Automatic ski/walk mode is engaged by clicking the heel in and out of the rear binding and the boot changes mode without any intervention. It’s one of those ‘why has no one thought of that before’ tech touches that saves time and weight.

Key spec includes the flex angle of 62° allowing a full running stride, for those of you looking to get to, and participate in, any high-mountain Cossack dances that bit faster. As a high-performance device it has to be light, so the stiffness is provided by a carbon wrap. The single buckle pings open super fast, and is adjusted with Velcro. The power strap is removable, and the inner liner is both thin and fully heat-mouldable.

All up weight is 1100g, which compares with any other race-spec boot. We’re guessing that the auto walk/ski mode will gradually trickle down to Planet Mortal over the next couple of seasons; in the meantime, however, track a pair down in a store and marvel at them. They are so clever that you will then buy them for sure.