Haglöfs, Clothing Brand of the Year

haglofs-awardDifficult to put into words, but here’s a brand with real mountain credibility, that never feels like it’s trying too hard.

Despite this low-key approach (think respectful nods/bib compliments from guides and patrollers in packed first-lift queues, rather than anyone labelling you in the all-the-gear-no-idea twit squad), we like the fact that below the surface the Swedes are actually pushing forward madly. Like some sort of wonderful snow swan. 

So, for example their fantastic new freeski 3L jacket and pants, called Vojd (and pronounced void; available in men’s and women’s versions for £600 and £480 respectively) was over two years in the making and tested by a raft of top drawer talent, including legendary anything-goes ski mountaineer Andreas Fransson. As a result, it’s perfect: jacket long but not too silly, while fit is slim but not too tight… We wish all ski equipment was this well thought-out and prepared.

And they’ve been doing it for years (we know as we’re still using a Nevluk performance shell jacket from 2011 that’s still just a little too magnificent to retire).