Watch Reine Barkered reach 100kmh on Verbier’s mighty Bec des Rosses

During the final of the Freeride World Tour in Verbier Reine Barkered topped 100kmh while skiing out of the bottom of the mighty Bec des Rosses

The Bec des Rosses in Verbier is on of the most intimidating and revered mountains in the world. Home to the Verbier Extreme, final stage of the Freeride World Tour, it’s been the scene of some of the most incredible skiing in history.

If anyone can claim to have mastered the steep, shady and rock strewn slopes of the mighty Bec, it’s Swedish freerider Reine Barkered. He’s competed there many times during his FWT career, and it’s where he earned his nickname ‘the Mayor of Stomptown’ for consistently stomping huge cliffs at insane speeds.

GoPro winning run Reine Barkered – Swatch Xtreme Verbier FWT17

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Barkered’s signature style of all out full speed big mountain – at odds with some of the more ‘new school’ freestyle trickery creeping into the FWT – secured him the win at this year’s Verbier Extreme, and second place in the overall rankings. Using the sophisticated telemetry feature on his GoPro we’re able to see that after linking several large drops he hit a staggering 103kmh on the run out – that’s almost DH race speeds!