The Fall-Line Photo Annual

FL139 Cover

Our Photo Annual is packed with over 100 pages of inspirational ski photography and it’s a marvel

It’s been 11 years since our last Photo Annual. What took us so long to put another one together? We’re not sure really. We have a lot to say here at the Fall-Line HQ, so filling an issue with words, alongside images, has always come naturally to us. But a magazine made up primarily of photos? Well, that’s something new.

But this year, we decided the time was right to take on the challenge again. And certainly, it was no easy feat. Days were spent reviewing hundreds of images. Our favourites were picked immediately, then hours were spent going back and forth between frames, until, finally, the 400 shots were down to 40 or so, and we came up with what you have here.

Weare going to be as bold as to say: this is up there as being one our top three favourite issues ever. And not only because we had the pleasure to work with the talented Oskar Enander, who came on board as Guest Editor (thank you Oskar!). And not just because it’s nowhere near as much work as a typical issue. Nope, we like it for the same reasons, hopefully, as you will too: images take us skiing in ways that words can’t.


Photo annual4

Photo annual

Along with the world’s best ski shots, this issue includes:

  • How to take the perfect ski shot
  • Inside guest editor Oskar Enander’s ski bag
  • Our favourite-ever ski images revealed
  • The best locations to bag a magazine-worthy photo
  • The best vintage ski race pics
  • Win a trip to Sweden to design and make your own skis with Edge & Wax
  • A look at this year’s Freeride World Tour

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