Our mega Gear Guide

001_FLGG 2015164 pages of pure gear porn, starring 116 skis, 101 jackets and pants and 84 ski boots, plus our pick of the best helmets, binding, goggles, gloves, backpacks and avi gear…

New design, new features, new gear… our Gear Guide is bigger and better than ever before.

It’s got our usual pick of the best skis, but with longer reviews, more action shots and more advice. Plus all our sections come with all-new buyer’s guides, so you can make well-informed decisions on what to buy this winter.


Here’s a little taste of what’s inside

  • Mega reviews of our 11 award-winning 2015-16 skis
  • Our pick of the best 108 skis on the market this year. 

  • The best bindings for zippy piste bashers, hard-charging freeriders and fast and light tourers revealed

  • The best boots for piste, freestyle, freeriding and touring
  • Fall-Line’s favourite boots and bindings for telemarking fun

  • The lowdown on the best poles for touring and backcountry escapades

  • The best backcountry rigs for rando lovers, summit chasers, multi-day tourers, seasonnaires and powder hunters

  • How to buy ski jackets and pants, plus our selection of the best for all-mountain, freestyle, freeride and backcountry riding

  •  Everything you need to know about buying goggles, plus our pick of the best

  • How to strike the right balance between warmth and breathability with our guide to buying base and mid-layers

  • 26 helmets that keep your head both safe and comfortable

  • Body armour and back protection to help keep you injury-free this season

  • The best gloves and mitts for keeping your precious hands toasty on the hill

  • The best packs for ever ski occasion
  • 12 socks that will keep your feet warm, dry and happy all season long

  • Shovels, probes, transceivers and avi gear
  • Our mega Atomic Giveaway



Skis 36-37




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