Mammoth Mountain, CA, skiing into August

Winter 22-23 was a record breaking season for Mammoth Mountain. The California resort opened for business in November ’22 and it’s planning to ski through to 6 August 2023. That’ll make it a whopping nine-month ski season, with just three off before Winter 23-24 kicks in…

Season snowfall totals reached 715″ or 18 metres (at summit it was closer to 900″ / 23m). An average year sees 400″ / 10m of snowfall. Safe to say it was (… is) a winter for the books at Mammoth Mountain.

Following our historic and record-breaking season, we are stoked to announce that we’re staying OPEN for skiing and riding daily through Sunday, August 6. It’s a rare treat – only twice in our 69-year history have we had enough snow to stay open into August (1995 and 2017).

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