The search for the next big outdoor adventure photographer

two photographers look through the lens of their camera, right at the picture-taking camera, standing and kneeling in deep snow, the skeletons of trees blurred in background

Featured image | Tero Repo

Are you an aspiring adventure photographer? Klattermusen has something for you…

In the outdoor adventure world, there’s one group that’s often overlooked.

Walking twice as far and carrying more than double the load of anyone else, the photographer is an unsung hero that helps shape outdoor culture with their unique view on things. 

In a bid to bring bold creativity back to the outdoors, Klättermusen has launched the ‘A Different Perspective’ photo competition, inspired by their latest short film documenting the work of world-class adventure photographers Tero Repo, Melody Sky and Daniel Bernstål.

The Europe-wide contest that has launched this week aims to support and celebrate the new crop of adventure photographers who go their own way and embrace a different perspective from behind the lens.

Finalists will be selected by Repo, Sky and Bernstål on 11 December, with the overall winner being decided by public vote on 18 December 2023. Enter by 8 December, info below.

The prize

  • Flights, transfers and hotel accommodation in Verbier, Switzerland (February 16—18th)
  • Life pass and full day riding and shooting with Klättermusen
  • Klättermusen top-to-toe ski outfit

To enter

  • Post your boldest and most unique adventure image to Instagram before 8 December 2023
  • Use the hashtag #KlattermusenADP and tag @klattermusen
  • Write a few words that describe the photo’s story in the caption

Meet the outdoor adventure photographers

Melody Sky

Capturing nature at its most spectacular and athletes at their limits – what else can we add to Sky’s bio that she hasn’t already written? Perhaps the fact that the incredible photography, filmmaking, and graphic design career she’s carved out for herself has been entirely self-propelled? Maybe the fact that she was one of the first women in the world to have ski footage broadcast on a global scale? Or should we mention where it all began, alongside her wave-riding Dad in the Cornish surf – the setting for her first ever action sports photography experience as a child? Melody’s self-made story is the culmination of many narrative strands, all of which have led her to some of the most fascinating adventures in the outdoor world.

Image Melody Sky

Daniel Bernstål

Swedish photographer Bernstål‘s introduction to action sports isn’t particularly unique – after seeing his brother make his first fresh tracks on a mountain, he became hooked on snowboarding. But the style in which he shoots is undeniably different. His intense use of flashguns helps capture epic moments in a vibrant style that has pumped personality and fun into many of his snowboard magazine spreads, skateboarding projects, and commercial gigs. The giants of action sports media couldn’t agree more. “A stylish handplant is always worth a photo,” Snowboard Magazine wrote in 2018. “But a handplant captured by Swedish photographer and snowboarder Daniel Bernstål is another thing entirely. Bernstål plays with light and shadow to cosmically contrast the rider from his environment.”

Daniel Bernstål

Tero Repo

It’s no exaggeration to say Repo is a giant of winter sports photography. Tero boasts snowboarding goliaths Jeremy Jones and the De Le Rue brothers among his regular clients, and the mountains of Antarctica, Japan, Greenland and Alaska as his go-to office spaces. While his bold approach to giving the mountains as much focus as their riders makes his style so recognisable and sought-after, the Finnish creative’s work exists beyond the thousands of photos he’s had published in magazines. You’ll find his punchy style in luxe watch campaign imagery, piercing portraits of ice hockey brutes, brand photos with F1 champions, and more. 

two photographers look through the lens of their camera, right at the picture-taking camera, standing and kneeling in deep snow, the skeletons of trees blurred in background
Image Tero Repo