RRP: £625 including bindings

Lengths: 161, 168, 175, 182

Turn radius: 17m @ 175

Dimensions: 126-76-105

Weight per pair (without bindings): 3860g

More Info: K2

Want to hammer around the mountain on a wave of adrenalin, accelerating out of every turn? Fancy the feel of a GS ski without the risk of being spun off balance by a weapon you can’t quite handle? Seeking a ski that will also perform just as well on a bit of soft chop as on icy hardpack?


K2 Super Charger

18/19 SOTY Men’s Piste (Hard Charging): K2 Super Charger


Let us re-introduce you to the K2 Super Charger, or to give it its complete name, the Super Charger R Motion 2. Unrecognisable graphics-wise from the 2018 model, which was lurid green, this comes in understated black and white.

With a 17m radius, a 76mm waist, a meaty nose and sandwich construction containing plenty of metal, this ski marries stability and power with a lively, responsive character, creating something that simply powers all over the mountain.

Testers rated the Super Charger highly across all the categories that matter for a mostly-piste ski, and interestingly Fall-Line tester Andy Bennett awarded it an almost-unheard-of 10/10 for liveliness/responsiveness (as well as 9/10 for most other characteristics). Here’s what he said after a a few super-charged runs in Galtür.

“Effing epic! A wolf in sheep’s clothing. The stealth-like graphics say ‘quiet and shy’ but from the very the first turn the ski radiates performance. Very stable and lively, this really is a top-end piste ski.”


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