18/19 SOTY Men’s Piste (smooth cruising) – Dynastar Speed Zone 12 TI

Fall-Line SOTY

Dynastar Speed zone 12RRP: £565 including NX12 bindings

Lengths: 158, 166, 174, 182

Turn radius: 15m @ 174

Dimensions: 121-72-106

Weight per pair (without bindings): 3800g

More Info: Dynastar

Last year’s overall Piste Winner has shed some weight for 18/19 thanks to Dynastar’s new Active Air Core, in which the injection system has changed to increase the size of the bubbles within the core, which lightens the load while retaining strength. The result? The exhilarating ride of last year’s winner, with an extra dose of playfulness and manoevrability (plus it’s lighter to carry).


Dynastar Speed zone 12
18/19 SOTY Men’s Piste (Smooth Cruising): Dynastar Speed zone 12


Smooth and responsive, the Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti is made for cruising and carving, and it delivers awesome grip at speed. But it’s agile, too, happy to skid, brake and throw in short turns. Slow down and it feels steady and biddable, but increase the energy and it accelerates dynamically out of the turn, yet without the ‘meaty’ feeling of some heavier models.

The 12 Ti is built for seasoned skiers. For the confident, fast-progressing intermediate or the lighter of frame, we’d also highly recommend the Speed Zone 10 Ti, which gives a similar ride but feels a touch more forgiving on the hard-pack. For intermediates and beginners the 9, 7, 6 and 5 are confidence-inspiring.