A new rail map of France for feel-good ski travel

two eurostar trains sit nose to nose in a train station - one red, one classic white blue and yellow

Winter train travel specialist Snowcarbon has come up with an easy-to-read (ski resort focussed) rail map of France that’s here to inspire train travel to the Alps and Pyrenees this winter.

The map features 35 train stations in the French Alps and the Pyrenees, serving 93 ski resorts, and shows the key high-speed, local and sleeper train routes available to popular destinations.

The Rail-Ski Map can be a vital starting point in a switch from plane or car to train. Maps are also an essential tool for ensuring that you don’t get fooled by rail-booking website algorithms, which might inadvertently exclude suitable options. Using the map as a planning companion, you no longer have to blindly accept the results that websites offer you.

Daniel Elkan, Snowcarbon

The new Eurostar Snow service for winter 2023-24 (announced in September) includes a Eurostar to Lille Europe and a continental train to Bourg Saint Maurice – though the season is a short one running 16 December 2023 and 4 February 2024.

And, SNCF tickets have just gone on sale for the travel period 10 December 2023 – 09 January 2024.

Check out the ski resorts rail map below or download here, and start planning your French ski trip…

a rail map of france for ski travel

Map designed by David Cooper

Get onboard and choose a low carbon transport option to reduce the biggest impact we, as skiers, have on the climate.

The transport sector is Europe’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, contributing more than a quarter of all emissions on the continent. Within the tourism sector, transport accounts for 75% of the global emissions, of this 40% is attributable to air travel. Transport is therefore a key driver of climate change; raising temperature, shortening winters and reducing snowfall. As the outdoor community we see the impact of these changes through melting glaciers, increasing rockfall and smaller snowpacks.

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