Fall Line – always on tour…

Here's what the Fall Line team has been up to this summer

You wouldn’t expect anything less from our backcountry editor, Martin Chester, who’s been non stop this summer. After dragging winter out to the end of May, skiing powder under the midnight sun in the land of polar bears (Svalbard), he’s been busy guiding, well, everywhere…

In Martin’s own words, “4,000m peaks are for life, not just for winter”.

Amy is our resident snowboarder and, while not riding her horse Ernie, has been hard at work teaching snowboarding at Tamworth Snowdome.

Jonny’s got a new bike…

“Here’s to recapturing youth, grins all winter long, and to help the process, a January week in Myoko I’ve just booked. Think guiding every day, a nifty lodge in a quiet-ish ski town, and average snowfall of 14m a season – now there’s something to dream about,” says our editor-at-large.

Editor Nicola and her fam have been shredding bike trails in the Alps in some unseasonably cold summer weather. Here are Chrigl and 9-year-old Lupo in one of their favourite winter ski resorts, Arc 1950.

Excellent local guide, Romain, from Evolution 2, took them on some super-long descents encompassing shaped flow trails and some more natural enduro lines across to Arc 1800 and Arc 1600. Epic!

father and son, head to toe in mountain biking gear pose for photo in the mountains, dirty from biking, making peace fingers

Our sales man Rich has spent the summer in the UK ‘dodging crowds’, or so he says…

Below is our man Rich at Glastonbury (ok… and him on his bike for balance).

“Living in West Sussex with the Downs on one side and the coast on the other, we don’t need to go far to escape. Most of summer has been spent doing local walks and bike rides, with plenty of time on the golf course.”

Our online editor, Katie, has been out to the southern French Alps to mountain bike, raft, paraglide and even do some summer skiing on the glacier at Les2Alpes. Who needs winter, eh?!