Explore Norway from the air in Legs of Steel’s new flick ‘Squawk in Lofoten’

Unbuckle your boots and attach your skins: there’s as much hiking as skiing in Lofoten, but the rewards to be had earning your turns are worth every blister and bead of sweat

Lofoten is swiftly becoming one of the most coveted destinations in skiers’ tick lists. Way up in the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway, it’s a land of rugged fjords and jagged mountains notched with a multitude of aesthetic lines and couloirs, often running right down to the sea. The feeling of wilderness is ever-present, replete with a barren beauty breathtaking in its impact. The weather is fickle: the proximity of the ocean and the Gulf Stream ensure frequent storms, occasionally bringing rain as well as snow despite the northerly latitude. Unlike the Alps there are no lifts, so intrepid skiers must earn each and every turn. It’s a hard place to ski, let alone shoot a ski film.

“Squawk” in Lofoten

Presented by O’Neill & CEP Compression After recently acquiring his pilot license, Sven Kueenle decides to take to the air deep within the Arctic Circle to explore beautiful Lofoten, Norway. Convincing a local fisherman to lend him the only private plane in 400km, Sven is joined by Paddy Graham to take a unique view of the Islands most remote skiing.

Undetered, Sven Kueenle – who recently acquired his pilots license – decided to go and explore the remotest skiing in the region by air, sea, foot and ski. Somehow convincing a local fisherman to lend him the only private plane within 400km, Sven was joined by Paddy Graham for an adventure of a lifetime, inevitably discovering that finding your zone from the plane doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to get to back on the ground!

Squawk features Sven Kueenle and Paddy Graham, and was shot and edited by Michael Haunschmidt.


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