eBay your old ski gear (and support DSUK)

DSUK charity poster for campaign with eBay, featuring Ed Leigh, snowsports personality, asking for your help in selling and donating a portion to the charity

SkiBay4DSUK is a new campaign to help create Britain’s biggest online secondhand store for unwanted ski and snowboard equipment. And it’s really simple. By listing your unwanted items on eBay you can help empower disabled children and adults through the power of snowsport with DSUK.

The Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK) charity is aiming to double the number of lessons provided for disabled children and adults in Britain during 2023 via the SkiBay4DSUK campaign. All you have to do is scout out your unused or unwanted snow gear and put it on eBay, select ‘Make a Donation’ and direct it towards DSUK.

How many of us 6.3m skiers and snowboarders in Britain are sitting on unused kit that’s just gathering dust? Imagine if all of us gave just £1 towards this campaign… It’s surprising how much of a difference a little bit makes. eBay as normal, and funding goes direct to DSUK to put towards lessons for adaptive skiers up and down the UK.

It’s a no brainer for the planet, too. You’re not only making snowsports more sustainable, you’re empowering people with disabilities by raising money and enabling them to enjoy a sport we all love.

We caught up with ambassador for the campaign and snowsports personality Ed Leigh:

“Like all charities, DSUK is under pressure. The cost of living crisis is just one factor affecting us all right now, and in turn charities are suffering. So they have to be creative with fundraising. This is why this the DSUK campaign is such a good idea. It’s asking for a small percentage of cash that wasn’t there before. We’ve all got those bits of ski gear we’re not using, whether its goggles, jackets, skis or gloves. Donate 10%, 20% 30% or 100% to DSUK [via the eBay campaign] and a really meaningful cause.”

DSUK is putting the money towards adaptive lessons at various locations around the UK, delivered by a team of BASI-qualified instructors. A little of the donations will go towards sit skis and specialist adaptive equipment, but the lion’s share will be for lessons.

“DSUK really changes lives, opening people’s horizons,” says Ed. “It started 40 years when there was early evidence that snow sports can help coordination and balance for people with cerebral palsy. The pilot scheme brought incredible results, and in 40 years it’s gone from strength to strength. You only need to speak to the families involved to understand how much of a difference it makes.”

So have a spring clear out, get that bulky ski kit from the cupboards that’s not being used or that’s been grown out of, and let’s put it back into circulation. There’s a load of ski gear that’s ready for a whole new life on the mountain.

Mind you, it doesn’t even have to be ski gear that you sell to support DSUK. Donate a percentage of any sale you make on eBay to DSUK, and remember that just a tiny bit makes a huge difference.

For more information visit Disability Snowsport