Built to send serious raspberry ripples down those backcountry spines this winter is Dalbello’s stonking new lightweight freetouring specialist – the Quantum Free 105 W.

This lightweight two-buckle boot features Dalbello’s super cool Quantum bonded shell and dual link cuff construction for superlative fit and skiability.

The Cabrio design means it’s super easy to get on and off so you won’t waste any energy squeezing in and out of your boots at the beginning and end of the day.

So comfy and natural, I had no problem putting in back to back 1,500m+ days in these rippers…straight out of the box.

I tested these in Scotland last winter and was blown away by both the uphill and downhill performance. Weighing in at just 1230g per boot with a whopping 65° ROM in walk mode, it honestly feels like you’re wearing a pair of slippers to go skinning!

So comfy and natural, I had no problem putting in back to back 1,500m+ days in these rippers straight out of the box. I tested these on some long spring days chasing the snowline and was impressed by the Vibram rocker sole that provided good grip on rocky approaches and steep bootpacks.

With just two buckles to adjust, transitions are faff-free and the tall cuff means you’ve really got something to push against whether you’re making high speed low angle turns or needing solid snappy feedback in tighter, steeper terrain.

The 105 flex is powerful yet progressive, offering bags of control and support. I was seriously impressed amazing that a boot this light and flexy could provide such stability and power on the descent.

The IF instant fit liner worked brilliantly for me with no adjustments required but it can be tweaked to fit if needs be.

Well played Dalbello – well played indeed.


Light, rapid with bags of control and power – it’s my favourite touring boot to date.

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