How to BlindSide Switch Up 270 Off

Up your rail trick repertoire in a jiffy. Andy Bennett’s here to spread the switch up love

This is actually really easy and super fun once you have your balance on basic boxes. If you’ve already slid basic flat boxes both ways then you should get it sussed in quite a short space of time. And once you’ve got this simple box trick nailed,
all of a sudden a whole load of new doors open up. You’ll have an extensive rail trick bag in no time!

The right STANCE

For this trick I tend to favour a wider stance on the approach. I find it not only helps with the rotation, but also gives me more balance on the box.


Pop onto the box, setting the rotation in the desired direction. I prefer to set it to go a little bit past 90 degrees, making the switch up a bit easier.


Just before the kink, give it a little pop. It doesn’t have to be huge because the next stage of the box drops away. You don’t really have to add any more rotation as this is already set, and on a big fat box it’s difficult to adjust the speed of rotation once you’re on it.

Andy in action |Jordan Revah


Lead with your head and keep looking. This is the hardest and most crucial part of this trick. Make sure you land with even weight; you are going to have to adjust in the air to make sure this happens. Because the box is dropping away it wants to put your weight on the back foot. Make a conscious effort to get onto the front or downhill foot.


Keep your arms below your shoulders if you can and let the rotation carry on. This will lead you naturally into the 270 off. Focus particularly on your inside arm on the rotation as this is often the one that blocks you.


Give it a pop at the end and keep looking in the direction of the rotation. Spot back up the hill and absorb the landing through your three joints (ankles, knees and hips).

Extra tip

Rails and boxes are easier with speed because you are on them for less time. However, this also gives you less time to do the trick. Play around and get the speed just right for the intended trick (it varies with each one).