If you don’t mind going out when it’s blowing a hoolie and there’s a risk of getting slapped in the face with a flappy, sticky skin every so often, then you need to match your kit with your ambitions and the conditions. 

Too light a jacket and it holes up the first time you catch a ski edge and clings to you in the wind like a needy child. Too heavy and bulky and you’ll be constantly fighting to pack it away the moment the wind drops and the temps climb a little. 

Arcteryx’s Rush Jacket is the ideal middle ground – a minimalist yet rugged Gore-Tex Pro shell that’s light enough to take to Tromsø in the spring, and tough enough that it won’t rip or tear should it snag on granite or on a branch on a dream tree-ski descent. 

Yes it’s expensive and you would be forgiven for wondering why something so stripped back could possibly merit such a substantial investment. But what you are getting and paying for is refined simplicity, cut in a shape that really works for its intended use. 

The Rush is the result of years of evolution at Arc’teryx HQ – many gazillions of hours and minutes have been spent by boffins with aeons of expertise and experience refinining it down to its bare essentials.

Trust me: the absence of ‘go gadget’ features, diamanté inserts and over-engineered construction is where its real value truly lies. 


No fluff, no bluster – a truly excellent durable, windproof, Gore-Tex shell with refined and effective simplicity.

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