2024 women’s touring boots

The women’s touring boots tried, tested and reviewed in the 2024 Gear Guide:

  • Dalbello Quantum Free
  • Scott Celeste Tour
  • Tecnica Zero G Scout W
  • Atomic Backland XTD Carbon 115
  • Dynafit Seven Summits W
  • K2 Dispatch LT W
  • Lange XT3 Tour 2.0 W MV 115
  • Roxa RX Scout W
  • Scarpa Gea RS

Just three boots are featured here online but if you’re serious about buying a pair, click to buy and browse the digital issue (£3.50) of the 2024 Gear Guide and flick to page 114 for the full range of women’s 2024 ski touring boots:

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Dalbello Quantum Free W ski touring boot

Dalbello Quantum Free W

) 22.5-27.5
LAST (mm) 100
FLEX 105
WEIGHT (per boot) 1,200g (24.5MP)

One of the easiest boots to tour in, the dual-pivot cuff gives amazing freedom in walk mode. It’s not just about the total range of motion, but how natural your stride feels, and this cuff is heavenly. You may be concerned about the skiing performance, but you needn’t be, as the Quantum Free delivers on the down, with loads of lateral drive, thanks to the glass fibre-boosted PA shell and cuff. We’ve used these on light skis over 100mm and they still deliver.

The shell is unique, made in two halves then bonded together. This allows superb shaping, which is necessary as they’re not readily heat mouldable and the plastic is very thin, so you can’t simply grind out more space.

If you like a performance fit, and typically ski in narrower 98-100mm last boots, then the Quantum family should be on your short list. You can save around 180g (and £10) if you go for the Quantum Evo W, but we just love the skiing you get with the Free.

Scott Celeste Tour ski touring boot

Scott Celeste Tour

SIZES (MP) 23-27.5
VOLUME Medium-High
LAST(mm) 103.5
FLEX 110
WEIGHT (per boot) 1,200g (24.5MP)

The Celeste Tour has a new look for this season. They’ve improved the tongue, along with the closure over the foot, making it even easier to get into. The roomy 103.5mm last is very welcome on long ascents when touring season hits, and the heat-mouldable liner customises around you; these are seriously comfy boots. Open the rear ski/walk lever and you get a plentiful 60° movement for your ascents. It’s easy to pop the cuff buckles open and the sprung retainers stop the buckles unfastening. We wish all touring-style boots had them. The Pebax Renew Cabrio Hybrid construction moves smoothly on the ascent and offers a solid yet progressive 110 flex when it’s time to let rip. Looking for a slightly softer flex? Check out the more forgiving Celeste with 100 flex.

Tecnica Zero G Scout W ski touring boot

Tecnica Zero G Scout W

LAST (mm) 99
FLEX 115
WEIGHT (per boot) 1,275g (24.5MP)

Like the men’s Zero G Pro, the Scout is the most powerful boot in the overlap-design women’s Zero G line. The rear tour lever is special, locking to the shell and higher up the cuff, making these a superb option for skiers wanting a strong boot that can be pushed hard when skiing. Even though this is a 115 flex boot, it’s pretty darn light. The full ISO 9523 touring norm sole, with its rockered shape, is sure-footed when hiking and scrambling, and lovely to skin with.

Tecnica does a fab job shaping their boots, and the CAS tech means the shell and liner are both heat mouldable. The cuff is set at a 12.5°angle, but can be adjusted up to 13.5°. The Grila mid shell helps reduce weight and maintains a consistent flex in varying temperatures. The PU cuff wraps comfortably around the leg, closed with lightweight wire-bail buckles. The Zero G Scout is ideal for powerful female skiers who like a bit of speed on the way up and down.

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