Fancy becoming a sponsored skier?

Reckon your ski skills deserve sponsorship? Ryft Goggles are looking for four up and coming skiers to join their team of athletes

It’s the first big challenge for wannabe pro riders: scoring your first sponsorship deal. Thankfully Ryft goggles, launched in 2014, are making it easier for all you up and comers. They’re on the look out for four talented but unsponsored skiers to join their team of athletes and help take the brand to the next level.

To enter, head to their website and submit your latest ski edit (minimum one minute long). Their are four team places up for grabs – one will be chosen by public vote (starting 1st November) and three by a panel of judges.

Ryft Poster

PS. Don’t forget the little folk at Fall-Line once you’ve made it big.


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