Would you spend £6268 on a pair of skis?

Can a pair of skis really set you back six grand? Well, if you want a shiny pair of Lacroix Ultime skis, then yes

We’re not pulling your leg. Luxury French brand Lacroix (founded by Olympic skier Léo Lacroix, in case the name rings a bell) are selling two skis, the Ultime Black and Ultime Lady for a cool £6268 a pair.

Lacroix's exclusive Ultime Black skis
Lacroix’s exclusive Ultime Black skis

So what does six grand buy you exactly? Lacroix describe the Ultime as offering “no compromise on materials, production or ride quality”, boasting a dual layered titanium alloy, a sandwich vertical sidewall design, all-mountain rocker and a sintered base charged with particles of graphite for low friction.

Only 100 Black and 100 Lady models are produced each year, so you can be pretty sure none of your mates will turn up rocking the same ski as you (unless you tend to hang with a group of Russian oligarchs, of course).

Only 100 Ultime Lady  skis are produced each year
Only 100 Ultime Lady skis are produced each year

It all sounds pretty impressive, but unless you’ve just won the Euromillions, recently inherited your own Duchy or have an oil pipeline in Kazakhstan there’s really no excuse for spending quadruple figures on a ski. In fact, here’s 11 much better ways to spend your dosh: