Women’s 22/23 Touring Boots | Editors’ Choice

Go further, faster and higher into the big mountains this winter with our Editors’ Choice Women’s 22/23 Touring Boots

Dalbello Quantum Free 105 W 

Sizes (MP)
Walk mode Y, 65° 
Volume Low-Medium   
Last (mm) 100 
Flex 105 
Weight (per boot) 1,230g @ 26.5

One of the easiest boots to tour in, the dual pivot cuff gives amazing freedom in walk mode. It’s not just about the total range of motion, but how natural your stride feels and this cuff is heavenly. You may be concerned about the skiing performance, but you needn’t be, as the Quantum Free delivers on the down, with loads of lateral drive, working well even with light skis over 100mm. The shell’s unique, made in two halves then bonded together. This allows superb shaping, which is necessary as they’re not readily heat mouldable and the plastic is very thin, so you can’t simply grind out more space. If you like a performance fit, and typically ski in narrower 98-100mm last boots, then the Quantum family should be on you short list. The touring norm sole can be used in pin, multi-norm and hybrid pin bindings like Kingpins, Duke PT’s and Shifts. 

BEST FOR: Dedicated tourers looking for a light, rapid boot with bags of control and power for the descent. 

Dynafit Seven Summits  

Sizes (MP)
Walk mode Y, 60° 
Volume High  
Last (mm) 105 
Flex N/A 
Weight (per boot) 1,360g (no size stated)

You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Seven Summits products from Dynafit. This women’s boot, although technically the same as last season, has a striking new colour scheme with the hot pink – we reckon – looking much better than the orange of yesteryear. The wide forefoot and high instep make this is an excellent choice for those who struggle with many of the lower volume boots available. It’s also one of only a handful of models by Dynafit that doesn’t restrict you to pure pin bindings. The full touring norm sole can be paired with multi-norm bindings, as well as Kingpins, Duke PT’s and Shifts. The tour switch is classic Dynafit simple; flick the top buckle to unlock the cuff and attached strap, although you’ve got to loosen the velcro power strap by hand. A great boot for everyday touring with good skiing performance, especially considering the price. 

BEST FOR: Wide-footed skiers looking for max comfort and great value.  

Lange XT3 Tour W Sport 

Sizes (MP)
Walk mode Y, 53° 
Volume Medium  
Last (mm) 99 
Flex 95 
Weight (per boot) 1,485g (no size stated)

The XT3 Tour men’s boots were impressive when they were first released, and now Lange’s released two women’s-specific models. These aren’t just a different colour, as the cuff is broader at the calf and sits lower on the shell, with a heat-mouldable liner tailored to better fit the female form. The liner in the women’s models is warmer than that in the men’s boots. The Sport is the softer of the two women’s versions, offering good value as it has plenty of lateral drive for some wider freetour skis. Even though 53° may sound below par, in tour mode your stride doesn’t feel limited, unless you’re someone who likes to speed tour. The touring norm sole is super grippy, although it’s worth noting that you can’t use these in GripWalk bindings. The PU shell gives a feeling more akin to a regular downhill boot, helping to dampen the ride. Great value, too. Also available as XT3 Tour Pro (115 flex). 

BEST FOR: Four-buckle fans looking for a medium flexing, mid-volume freetourer. 

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