Is there a greater feeling of riding through elbow-deep pow down a deserted backcountry face? There is not. But with the joy of off-piste riding, comes the inherent risk of avalanches, and while an airbag is not – and never will be – a substitute for avalanche and snow safety education, you cannot argue with the statistics: airbags save lives.

Scott’s Patrol E1 30 Backpack Kit is one of the best in the business. It is a fully electronic airbag with innovative ‘supercapacitor’ tech that releases power faster, lasts longer, and works better than batteries in low temperatures.

With no canisters to worry about travel is hassle-free, the battery is easy to recharge, and crucially the airbag can be deployed multiple times, so you can practice at home – this really helps with muscle memory and building those instinctive reactions should the shizzle hit the proverbial.

The pack comes laden with features, including diagonal and A-frame ski carry, a dedicated avy tools pocket, sternum strap with whistle, helmet-carry system and an SOS label with emergency instructions.

Many people worry about the extra weight of avalanche backpacks, but weighing in at 2670g the Patrol E1 30 is one of the lightest on the market for its size. See, we told you it was good… See entry details below for your chance to get this pack on your back this winter!