The big picture and the future of skiing

These are not problems for future generations. They are for us to solve, here and now.

Later this month Whistler Blackcomb (in cooperation with Telus and Switchback Entertainment) will release a four part documentary series exploring the issues facing skiing and the future of the snow sports industry.

The Big Picture Documentaries: Series Trailer

Coming this fall. A look at the next 50 years. Whistler Blackcomb takes a big picture look at the future of skiing & snowboarding in a four-part documentary series exploring climate change, backcountry access, the state of the industry, and the risks of losing kids to technology.

It’s a heavy premise, but an important conversation that needs to be had. While facts like “75% of children in the UK spend less time outdoors than prison inmates” are shocking, the flip side is also worrying: how much damage is our thirst for adventure inflicting on the environment? Things need to change. But change how? What’s best for us, and is that best for the planet?