What’s inside a pro photographer’s ski bag?

Ever wondered what a pro skier Photographer carries around in his backpack? Oskar Enander gives us a sneak peak into his…


1. DPS Lotus 138 Spoon skis with Marker Kingpin bindings

My go-to ski when I know it’s going to be a powder day is the DPS Lotus 138. With the Kingpin I have a great touring set-up for deep days.

2. Mammut shovel

3. Mammut probe

4. Mammut pulse transceiver

The above three are mandatory if I’m planning to leave the groomed slopes and head into the backcountry.

5. Black Diamond Skins

Necessary when touring and when I want to move quickly from one shooting location to another.

6. Manfrotto Monopod

Helps me to keep my 500mm lens steady.

7. Oakley Flight Deck goggles with Prizm lens

Oakley makes the best goggles in my opinion. The Prizm lens is really good in flat light.

8. Topcom Twintalker 7100

Two-way radios are one of the most important things I carry when I’m out shooting. I can communicate with my riders to make sure they position themselves in the right place. The Twintalker 7100 is small, lightweight and has a great battery life.

9. Pocket Wizard Radio Slaves

When I shoot two cameras at the same time, or use flashes, these radio slaves help me fire the external camera/flash.

10. Canon 8-15mm f4.0 Fisheye

Good to use when I’m close to the action and want a lot of backdrop in the shot.

11. Canon TS-E 24mm f3.5

Great Tilt-Shift lens that can be used to create interesting effects, like shallow depth of field.

12. iPhone

Useful to have if something happens and I need to call for help.

13. My Passport hard drive

I don’t often keep it in my everyday backpack, but when I travel it’s aways with me to back-up my image files.

14. Canon 1D Mark IV

I use this as a backup camera if my other house breaks down, or when I shoot two angles with a fixed frame on a tripod and one hand held.

15. Canon 70-200mm f2.8

Probably my most used lens over the years!

16. Canon 24-70mm f2.8

Also a very frequently used lens. Great to use for horizontal panoramic images with the rider small in the frame.

17. Canon 1D X body with Canon 500mm f4.5 lens

My most used body with my least used lens. I use the 500mm when I go to Alaska or on some big mountain shoot where I know I will be far away from the action. It’s too big and heavy to use every day!

18. F-Stop Satori EXP Camera backpack

To carry all this gear I need a really good backpack to save my back and to be able to ride effortlessly. After testing a lot of different brands I tried the F-Stop Satori and there was no reason to look further.

Taken from our Photo Annual, out now.