Watch: Skiing Europe’s last great wilderness

Callum Pettit, Reine Barkered, Riley Leboe, Sam Smoothy and Izzy Lynch discover untouched wilderness in the remote mountains of Swedish Lapland in Land of the Midnight Sun

“Why didn’t anyone tell me?”. These are the words Reine Barkered muttered to himself as he ventured into Swedish Lapland. Despite growing up in Sweden, he has always been more drawn to the big mountains of the Alps.

Callum Pettit makes the most of those long days | Adam Clark

Reine, along with fellow freeskiers Callum Pettit, Riley Leboe, Sam Smoothy and Izzy Lynch are on a mission to find awesome lines high above the Arctic Circle. Their first stop is Riksgränsen, the legendary resort on the Norwegian border known for hosting the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships.

After a few day exploring Riksgränsen’s funky terrain they head further into the mountains, to Abisko Mountain Lodge. With two helicopters at their disposal, they are able to explore the kind of remote terrain not usually found in Europe, heading deeper and deeper into the massif. The trip culminates in an evening/night shoot that yielded some of the best shots due to the never-ending sunset.

Sunsets don’t get much better than this| Adam Clark

“I am super stoked I got to show some of my friends around in a part of the world that not many get to experience.” says Reine.