Watch jetpack-powered skier blast through Slovenian town

When gravity just isn’t enough… Add a James Bond style jet pack!

We’ve all been there before: thinking “just one more run” when the skiing’s good, and ending up late for something really important. Many of us would simply make up a lame excuse, make a phone call and beg for forgiveness, but Slovenian ski-cross world champion Filip Flisar has his own methods: a jetpack!

Racing home against the clock through his hometown Marbor, Slovenia, Flisar took a couple of shortcuts and probably exceeded some city speed limits, but he did get home without getting into trouble.

Running at up to 96,000rpm and producing a jet blast that reaches temperatures up to 850°C, Flisar’s James Bond-style contraption packs quite a punch – 40kg of thrust to be precise – and can propel him to speeds north of 120kph.

Flisar said about the escapade: “skiing fast with a jetpack in an open field is one thing, blasting across asphalt, granite steps and icy concrete in the middle of the main square proved to be a totally different story.”